TXdown® has excellent thermal characteristics and uniform insulation properties, performing very well compared to other natural insulations, and outperforming most, if not all synthetic fibers. This technique makes Bernamo unique.


Discover the pinnacle of sustainable fashion with Bernamo’s warmest and eco-friendly jackets that seamlessly blend innovation, performance, and style. At the heart of their jackets lies the revolutionary insulation concept, named TxDown, which sets a new benchmark in the industry.

TxDown is a unique lightweight and breathable filling that enables the regulation of body temperature and humidity, ensuring optimal comfort in all weather conditions. The fixed layer of down, used in the jackets, effectively eliminates any cold spots, which can be a common issue in traditional down jackets, by ensuring that the padding stays in place.

Not only do these jackets perform exceptionally well, but they are also an excellent example of Bernamo’s commitment to environmental sustainability. The jackets are designed and manufactured in the European Union using recycled materials, derived from PET bottles. By doing so, Bernamo reduces their environmental impact by repurposing waste and reducing the need for virgin materials.

In addition to being made from recycled materials, Bernamo’s jackets are also water-repellent and pfc-free, ensuring they are durable and long-lasting. The jackets are easy to care for, making them a practical and eco-friendly choice.

In summary, Bernamo’s warmest and sustainable jackets are a testament to their dedication to innovation and sustainability, making them a top choice for environmentally conscious individuals who seek top-performing and fashionable jackets.